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"There's a trim for that"

When it comes to transitioning flooring, in the same spirit as "There's an app for that," there will always be "There's a trim for that" no matter what kind of application your project demands. Whether you are flashing the floor up to a taller surface, reducing to concrete from vinyl or carpet or butting new carpet to an existing floor – there is a transition made specifically for it.

Ceramic Tool has over 35 years of not just making those transitions, but equally important: knowing where to get the ones we don’t make.

316 Reducer to concrete
Carpet to New Concrete
Carpet to Existing Tile
- Consider us Specialists in the Field -
Tile Setting Frames
Custom Stainless Steel
Most of us would never perform surgery on ourselves, because there are doctors trained to do it for us. By the same token, our staff at CTC will assess a problem application and find the threshold, carpet trim, edge, expansion joint or reducer that can save the life of the project.

We make sure to ask what your priorities are and then give you options – which most other companies cannot do, being limited to only their own line of products.

And it’s not just transitions – we make Tile Setting Racks to accommodate different patterns and sizes.

We make custom Stainless Steel - from Wall Wraps to corner guards to base to whatever your project requires.

You can trust that our ultimate goal at CTC is to find the answer to whatever transition question you have. We want to ensure with every interaction that you know our success only exists through yours!

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All of our materials are sourced in the USA.