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Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint

CTC Joints are pre-fabricated caulk joints designed for use over control and cold joints in new construction as well as renovations in commercial and residential projects. Because they are fully cured upon installation, you don’t have to worry about adhesion, or the time and cost of waiting on a job site for your joints to harden without dirt or uneven settling.

Expansion Joint

DXJ 38 Expansion Joint Drawing

Available in 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" and 5/8" heights.


The CTC Joint is resistant to wear, abrasion, penetration and puncture; the anodized aluminum sides protect your tile against chipping by taking the weight off the edges. It also withstands movement without distortion or failure: the sealant allows 25% shift, overall around 1/16” movement. With the wide variety of color sealants available, as well as multiple heights, the CTC Expansion Joint is the easiest decision to make for your flooring project.

Expansion Joints are Easy to Install
Tile Thickness Product Code
5/16" - 8mm DXJ 1132
3/8" - 9mm DXJ 38
7/16" - 10mm DXJ 716
1/2" - 12mm DXJ 12
5/8" - 15mm DXJ 58
3/4" - 20mm DXJ 34
Expansion Joint

CTC Expansion/Control Joint


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